Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Quick question: Do you know anybody who isn't suffering from work overload?
We live in a highly connected world that is coming even closer with social media. At the push of a button we can get to know what our boss was doing last night and why is he happy today!
It is hard to imagine the feeling your colleague who just got fired in front of the entire office undergoes. But lessons can be learnt. And with ethics around you, it is imperative that you treat your work with respect when it is paying all your bills!
So avoid the 6 common mistakes below at all costs. They waste your time without offering value in return and stain your career!
6 common mistakes that are wasting your productivity
6 common mistakes that are wasting your productivity
Mistake #1 Don’t get too social
At time you are expected to be friendly and cheerful to be able make the work environment healthy. This requires socializing. But never mix socializing with gossiping, flirting or unnecessary talking. Especially when customers are waiting to be served!
Mistake #2 Don’t be part of controversies
Like the Indian Army, have a rule not to discuss women, politics and religion at work. Doing so can keep the work relationship fair and transparent because you will never know who holds what views. Avoid talking about controversial topics that have nothing to do with your work.
Mistake #3 Keep in mind that your employer is not your parent
An employer needs business and you are his business need. The benefits, bonuses and luxuries at work are retention policies and not their way to show their love towards you. Stop taking bosses for granted and don’t expect them to put your happiness before profit, for a downturn may cost you your job.
Mistake #4 Own up your mistakes like your accomplishments
There is very little to explain since the title is easy and understandable. All you have to do is be honest and face the consequences, good or bad don’t matter.
Mistake #5 Keep your work opinion to yourself
Always keep in mind to give advice only when you are asked to. There is a reason why certain policies are in force, you don’t know all of them, don’t try to guess and spread the wrong word. After all, BBC of the office is not a nick name you want!
Mistake #6 Don’t be difficult to work with
The easiest way to succeed in your job is to have a reputation as good at your job, happy and easy to work with and talk to. Try to suppress your original personality to get along.
And now, the harsh truth about work …
Your employers don’t need another boss.
Your employers don’t need even more problems.
What your employers need is you — your wisdom, your ideas and your area of expertise.
Never take your work for granted. Be grateful because you at least have a job. Use this opportunity wisely.
Ref: Careersunbound

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