Friday, 30 January 2015


What are “soft” skills? Why do I need them, if I have “technical” skills?
What are “soft” skills?
“Soft” skills are the abilities of an individual to prioritize work, possess decent interpersonal communication, be a team player and easily overcome conflicts.
Why are “soft” skills important for my career?
If you apply for a vacancy in an organization and another candidate has the same skill sets as you do, same expertise as you, then what will be the differentiating factor?
“Soft” skills.
The candidate who is able to articulate his or her ideas effectively will surely be the preferred candidate. “Soft” skills are particularly important in recruiting recent graduates.
According to a BBC article, employers prefer “soft” skills rather than technical knowledge in recruiting recent graduates. They look for “determination and ability” to learn new things, instead of banking on skills acquired through education.
There is a well-known saying within recruitment – “Recruit for attitude and train for skill.”
Do you have the required soft skills?
When you spend time with your friends, teachers, parents or mentors you should try and get a solicit feedback on your behavior. It is always from a third person’s point of view that you understand things that you can’t see yourself. How you present yourself in situations like these will pave your way to success.
If you do realize you lack in some “soft” skill areas, just know that practice makes perfect. Practice speeches in front of the mirror and attend networking events to force yourself to socialize in a business atmosphere. Challenge yourself and show initiative at work. If you possess both “soft” skills and technical skills, your career opportunities will be limitless.

Ref: Careerunbound

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